If 2 days of educational work is closed, electricity can be saved in the school, water can be saved and the school can also be cleaned.

Ahmedabad: State and Center have a public holiday on the second and fourth Saturday of every month in government offices, so that all State and Center employees are at home. After the school management board has demanded to give holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays in the state schools as well. In the presentation, they further said that, employees and children will also be benefited by giving leave.

Students can get 2 consecutive days off

Further, president of the State School Management Association, has written to the Chief Minister and informed that, the second and fourth Saturdays are public holidays in the state and the center.

Lastly, banks are also completely closed on second and fourth Saturdays as per Reserve Bank rules. Even in schools, if the teaching work is closed on Saturday, parents and students can get 2 consecutive days off. On the other hand, employees can spend time with their children socially.

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