February 25, 2024

Sometimes sewage water fly up high, no permanent solution even after many complaints.

Surat : Cleanliness drive is currently going on in Surat city but the municipal system has failed to stop the filth coming out of the drainage chamber located on the public road in Dabholi area of the municipality. The four feet high drainage on the Dabholi main road has been a disaster for quite some time now. With this drainage overflowing, sometimes the shower of dirty water is dangerous for the people, even after many complaints regarding this, the municipality is not able to solve this problem permanently, so the drainage water is seen flowing on the public road itself.

The municipality has constructed a drainage chamber four feet above the road on the footpath between the shops near a religious place on the Dabholi main road in Surat city. This chamber made for disposal of waste water has now become a nuisance for the people. For the past several times, sewage from this drainage chamber has been gushing out onto the public road. Many times a day, this drain is overflowing, causing heavy dirt on the public road. Smelly water is flowing outside the shop of the shopkeepers paying the municipal tax due to which the shopkeepers, visitors and motorists are suffering. Sometimes due to the high pressure in the drainage, sewage water fly up high.

As a result, the locals have been complaining about this problem to the municipal system for a long time but as this complaint is not being resolved, the public dirt is increasing and the problem of the people is also increasing. Today, after some time, sewage water is again coming from this chamber on the road. The stagnant water is causing problems for the nearby shops and pedestrians. Due to which people are demanding from the municipality to get a permanent solution to this problem.

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