February 25, 2024

The police have arrested the accused brother and conducted further investigation

Ahmedabad : A shameless incident of brother and sister came to know in Ahmedabad. A complaint has been registered in Ranip that brother has been having physical relations with his sister for the past 20 years. Even after the sister got married, the accused brother was having physical relations with her. On the basis of the complaint, the Ranip police have registered the crime and arrested the rapist brother. The act of the accused who is in the custody of Ranip Police is so heinous that he is no longer worthy to show his face to anyone in the society. The rapist brother had physical relations with none but his own sister for the last 20 years. The complainant has alleged that from the year 2004 to July 2023, he raped the sister by having sexual relations against her.

According to the complaint filed by the complainant, in 2004 the complainant was studying in class VIII and the accused was studying in class 12. At that time, the complainant was raped for the first time by threatening her about her studies. However, after arresting and interrogating the rapist brother, he says that in the year 2010-12, his sister had a relationship with another youth and it was the prosecutor who compromised with him not to tell about it at home. However, the police are still investigating the matter. On the other hand, the police believe that this complaint has been filed seeking the return of 24 thousand rupees given to the complainant by the accused brother. The complainant filed this complaint at Nadiad Town Police Station. However, since the incident started from Ranip area, the complaint has been transferred to Ahmedabad. Pursuant to the complaint, the police have arrested the accused brother who works in a pharma company and conducted further investigation. On the other hand, the police will further investigate the accusations made by brothers and sisters against each other. So that the fact of the crime can be exposed.

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