February 25, 2024

In a cowshed in Bhogat village in Dwarka, the land of Sri Krishna, an old man acted like a beast

The land of Lord Krishna is ashamed. Shrikrishna loved cow,and the cow mother has been insulted on this blessed Devbhumi Dwarka. Even God never thought that man would do this to satisfy his desire. If God had known that man created by God would do such an act in Kalyug, God might have stopped creating this creation.

However, many incidents of cruelty to animals have come to know, but in India cow is worshipped. In that also Krishna Nagri Dwarka is called Devbhumi. Such a holy land has been disgraced by the act of one man. In Devbhumi Dwarka, the old man has satisfied the lust of the body by performing a bad deed with a cow.

Further, the feeling of anger has erupted among all cow devotees due to this incident, because this incident has hurt the feelings of all Hindus. So all the cow lovers of Dwarka Panthak sent a complaint to the provincial officer and demanded that this accused should be severely punished. A complaint was lodged at the police station regarding this.

On the other hand, when the complaint was registered, the police immediately took action and arrested such a helpless old man. A feeling of great anger has erupted among Bhogat village and cow lovers over this embarrassing incident.

Lastly, it may be mentioned that, cow lovers and animal care center managers are outraged. There is a popular feeling that the old man should be severely punished, who commits such a misdemeanor with a sacred animal like a cow.

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