February 25, 2024

110 people were shifted to a safe place in the central zone area due to security reasons.

Surat: Currently, due to the rain situation and the heavy rains in the upper reaches, water is being released from the Ukai Dam in the Tapi River, while the water is being released from the Ukai Dam in the upper reaches of the city. Mayor Dakshesh Mavani, Naresh Patil, Standing Committee Chairman Rajan Patel, Commissioner Shalini Aggarwal, ruling party leader Sashiklaben Tripathi, Dandak Dharmesh Vaniawala and local muni. members and officers made a site visit to Hanuman Hill, Rewa Nagar, Adajan in Rander zone area and floodgate located at Dhastipura in Central zone area and inspected. In addition, 89 lakh cusecs of water from Ukai Dam was released into the Tapi river yesterday and got information about the situation of the locals under the problem of waterlogging at Revanagar.

Due to the water released into Tapi River from Ukai Dam since yesterday, Tapi River has overflowed on both banks, so as a precautionary measure, total flood gates in Central Zone and Rander Zone areas have been closed to prevent water from entering the city. Local residents of low-lying areas along Tapi River have been safely evacuated. Out of which 48 people whose houses of 11 families living in Revanagar were flooded and 110 people in the central zone area have been shifted to a safe place due to security reasons.

Moreover, the water released from the Ukai Dam and the flood gate are being continuously monitored by the Manpa system. Necessary operations including food packets, drinking water and health facilities are being done to the affected people in the low lying areas through the Manpa team. When the flow of water in Tapi river is high, the system has appealed to the citizens to avoid movement in the areas along the banks of Tapi river.

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