February 25, 2024

Narcotics are being sold unabated in Surat’s religious establishments; no action has been taken yet despite ban of selling tobacco products.

Surat : Rules are made by the government, but they are not followed properly. One such rule is not to sell drugs near educational institutions. But in the city of Surat, intoxicants like cigarettes, tobacco are being sold near Barottaktok educational institute. Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has taken strict action against those selling such narcotic substance.

Surat Municipal Corporation’s Health Department on Thursday hawkers were targeted on 5th October. Despite the ban on the sale of any kind of tobacco products within 100 meters of the educational institution, the Health Department of Surat Municipality turned a red eye against those selling such substances in violation of the rule. Today, the Tobacco Cell of the Health Officer of Surat Municipal Corporation conducted a Sagamte Drive in all zones of Surat Municipal Corporation. A fine of Rs 32,600 and administrative costs were collected from 153 hawkers in all zones.

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