February 25, 2024

Samples were taken from establishments selling ghari in different areas of the city and sent to the laboratory for checking.

Surat : Surat is the only city in the whole world which serves special sweet called Ghari on the day of Chandi Padva, which is not found in any other city of the country. Surtis will eat crores of rupees in a single day. Considering the health of the people, the health department of the municipal corporation has started taking samples by forming different teams. Inside the ghari, especially milk mawa is used, dry fruits and ghee are used in large quantities. Many sellers are using low-cost raw materials instead of using quality butter and ghee, expecting to get more profit in their product. Because of which they pose risk to people’s health. The health department has started taking samples of ghari, in which the quality of mawa and ghee will be checked in particular.

Moreover, health Officer A.J. Gohil said that taking ghari samples has been started in view of the upcoming Chandi Padwa festival. As many as 18 different teams have been formed, which has started sampling operations by going to different areas including Rander area, Athwa zone, Ring Road. The reports of the samples taken before the chandi padwa will come and based on that the health department will take immediate action against any adulteration found in the ghari samples.

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