February 29, 2024

Banned plastic is being dumped in the city despite the ban.

Surat : Surat Municipality has once again started operations to stop the use of banned plastic. Currently, instead of small fairs, the municipality is raiding agencies or godowns that supply banned plastic. As a part of which, a large amount of prohibited plastic quantity has been started in the Udhana area of the municipality today and action has been taken against the person keeping the quantity. In the Surat Municipal Corporation area, plastic with a thickness of less than 120 microns is prohibited. However, this banned plastic is still being freely available and used in Surat. For this, the municipality used to take action against vegetable market or hawkers vendors and fairs and fined them. However, the municipality’s ban was not enforced as large traders and suppliers smuggled the banned plastic into the city.

However, for the last few times, the municipality has started raiding agencies or godowns that supply the banned plastic. As a part of which 3410 kg of banned plastic was found from a godown in Udhana area, the municipality has started an exercise for penal action by confiscating this plastic.

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