Manpa has prepared an action plan due to complaints of choked drainage lines.

Surat : Complaints are increasing due to dilapidated drainage lines in private societies in Surat Municipal Corporation area, which are 30 to 35 years old. Due to which a survey is being conducted by the Zone and Drainage Department to change such lines. At present dilapidated drainage line has been replaced in a society in central zone. Plans have been made to replace dilapidated drainage lines in around 50 societies from Surat city in the coming days.A master plan has been prepared to upgrade drainage network in Central and Katargam zones which have age old drainage network in the city. Based on that, the drainage network upgrading work is also going on in these areas. Along with this operation, there was also an application by some societies in the Central and Katargam zone areas to replace the old dilapidated drainage line with a new line. After considering this issue, the municipality decided to change such a line. In other zones including Kot area and Katargam-Rander and Athwa zones, applications have been received from some societies to replace the 35-year-old drainage line, reports are being prepared by the Zonal Drainage Department and the Central Drainage Department on those applications. For this, the drainage line will be changed under the guidance given by the central drainage department after conducting a survey with the consultant.

A policy to replace dilapidated drainage lines is currently in place. Based on that, a 35-year-old drainage line has been replaced in a society located in Ward No. 4 of the Central Zone. Similarly, plans have been made to replace dilapidated lines in around 50 private societies including 14 in Athwa Zone, 22 in Rander Zone and 2 in Udhana A Zone, 12 in Limbayat Zone of Surat Municipality. Due to this operation, new lines will be laid instead of old lines and due to this, complaints of drainage choke up will be reduced to the maximum.

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