February 29, 2024

The wife sustained three fractures due to an injury to her leg. Meanwhile he managed to escape.

Surat : Mansukh Gothadia and his wife Vijaya, who lives in Mota Varachha in Surat and works as a diamond broker, went to the Swaminarayan temple in Rampura area on Tuesday morning for darshan. The couple was returning home around 6 am after visiting the temple. Meanwhile, a strange incident happened to him on the road from Lal Darwaza towards Garnala. As the couple was passing by, a snatcher on another moped suddenly snatched the purse from the hands of Vijaya who was sitting behind, which Mansukh threw to the ground as Mansukh lost the balance of the moped and Vijaya fell to the ground. Later, Mansukh caught Snatcher and threw him. This one-minute footage was captured on CCTV cameras.

Moreover, Mansukh and Vijaya were shifted to a private hospital for treatment, in which she suffered a fracture and her surgery has cost one and a half lakhs. While her purse had only 340 rupees. It has been seen in the CCTV that the snatcher was caught while running away with the purse. However, he was still trying to escape. Meanwhile Mansukh and another youth tried to catch him. Meanwhile, Snacher’s clothes were also torn. However, Snatcher managed to leave the moped and run away. At the time of the incident, Snatcher tried to run away and was also hit by Mansukh while holding his shirt, later escaped. Finding Rs.340 cash in the woman’s purse, he reached out to give her the purse again, but fled with the Activa fearing to be caught. On the basis of the number, the police suspected theft. The couple lives in a Dharmajeevan row house in Mota Varachha. Vijaya had to undergo a surgery worth one and a half lakhs due to a fracture in his leg. Mahidharpura police have registered a crime.

Regarding the incident, Mahidharpura Police PI J.B. Chaudhary said that the police had registered a case and started action based on the complaint of the victimized couple, in which the robber left the moped and ran away. The police conducted an investigation to nab the accused based on the registration number of the moped. However, the police investigation has revealed that the registration number of the moped is also wrong. The police have also registered a case regarding this. Various CCTVs of the area and a police team have been set in motion by the police to nab the accused. Mansukh, the victim of the incident, said that I and my wife were going home from the temple through Lal Darwaza road. Meanwhile, the young man who committed such a robbery later came on a moped near Gabani Hospital. He pulled my wife’s purse, with which we fell, in which my wife got serious injuries. The wife sustained three fractures due to an injury to her leg. Meanwhile he managed to escape.

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