February 25, 2024

Side effects of social media: cases of depression also increased due to lack of likes and followers.

Gujarat: In the waiting room of the OPD of a hospital in Ahmedabad, many teenage patients are sitting waiting for their turn. These patients don’t have fever or any other illness, but social media obsession. These patients who are obsessed with social media have the same condition as those, who are addicted to alcohol or drugs who start feeling restless without consuming it. This proportion of these patients, who are obsessed with social media is constantly increasing and this is alarming as tomorrow is ‘Social Media Day’.

In today’s era, hardly anyone has a smart phone that does not have any social media app. Social media may have started with the intention of staying in live contact with distant relatives and friends, but now, even though the closeness has increased with the person, who lives away from social media, but there is no live communication with the members of the house, an invisible wall is being seen in many families. Thus, social media is proving to be a double-edged sword. The number of patients who are obsessed with social media is also increasing. Most of the patients are in the age group of 12 to 30.

Another psychiatrist said, ‘Earlier only teenagers were brought up by their parents with the problem of mobile habit. Now there are also increasing cases that, elderly parents who are busy in social media are accompanied by their children. There is nothing wrong with using social media, but it has to be done in proportion. Some patients also come who have got depression due to getting less likes than their friends on Instagram-Facebook. ‘

What to do so that social media does not suffer

  • Put a timer in the mobile so that it can be estimated how much the app is used.
  • Do not use phone, tablet, laptop in bed room or dining table.
  • It is a different thing if you have to be active in social media professionally, but apart from this, a person should set some fixed time to view social media apps.
  • Spend more time to favorite activities like sports, art-music, reading books, cooking.
  • If the child spends more time on the mobile, communicate with them as much as possible.

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