In this matter, the police arrested Mahendra and sent him to jail.

Surat : Incidents of rape are increasing in Surat these days. Sometimes after befriending a stranger, they go to such extremes that there is no option but to repent later. After that, in such a case, a police mcomplaint is also filed. Then a similar incident has come to know in Surat. A computer engineering pass from Surat Polytechnic, the girl had a hard time befriending a bus driver. The BE computer engineer repeatedly had physical relations with the girl after luring her for marriage, but the ST bus driver refused when the girl asked for marriage as she became pregnant. After that, the girl lodged a complaint with the police. Athwa police filed a rape complaint against the driver of the ST bus and arrested him and took further action.

The girl, in a complaint lodged with the Athwa police, said that she was on her way to her hometown Ahva when she met 35-year-old Mahendra Bhoya, a native of Vansdana and working as a driver for ST. Meanwhile, after a few days of introduction in the bus, he exchanged mobile numbers. This Mahendra used to meet him at Ravi Apartment, Kailasnagar, ITC Building, Labor Gate, Athwa Lines. At that time, he had frequent physical relations with her. Meanwhile, Mahendra lured her into marriage and had sex with her repeatedly in a guesthouse near Vansda. Apart from this, he himself informed Mahendra when he was inaugurated. Mahendra impregnated her by giving her medicine in a cold drink.

The girl later came to know that Mahendra Bhoyana was having a relationship with other girls besides her. He is making a fool of him, so Mahendra hits him several times, informing himself of this. Apart from this, it was said to do whatever it takes. However, he convinced the girl and continued to use it frequently. The girl’s father is a cleaning worker. The girl informed her parents about this and asked the sarpanch of her village to explain Mahendra. Even when the sarpanch explained it to him, Mahendra did not give a proper answer. After Mahendra confessed that he had promised to marry the girl, he refused to marry her. In this case, after Mahendra refused to marry, the girl finally lodged a complaint with the Athwa Police. After coming to the girl’s residence at Kailasnagar, Mahendra repeatedly had physical relationaship with the girl. In this matter, the police arrested Mahendra and sent him to jail.

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