December 11, 2023

Today, 1000 buses will leave simultaneously to go different cities.

Surat : ST division has earned more money on Diwali. Surat ST is directly benefiting from lack of train facilities from Surat to other cities of the state. Today 1000 buses will depart from Surat for other cities of the state. In the last two days, the ST department has earned Rs 38.88 lakh.

According to the information, there are 320 group bookings on Friday, November 10. It has 140 online bookings and the rest are current bookings. Still current bookings are going on. Due to this, there is a plan to pick up 1000 buses from Dharukawala college ground in Kapodra during the day. Surat ST earned 38.88 lakh rupees in last two days only. A total of 11394 passengers were registered in it. 154 trips of buses were made in two days. The highest number of trips were to Jhalod and Dahod districts and 4600 passengers were registered. In 154 trips, the buses will cover a total distance of 73381 km.

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