February 25, 2024

On hearing about this incident, panic spread among the PI and surveillance staff of Sachin GIDC Police Station.

Surat : The news of a raid in Gabheni village of Sachin GIDC has come to know. The State Monitoring Cell raided the hideout of listed bootlegger Naresh Khalasi in Tad Paliya and Tekra Paliya of the village, found 1160 liters of Alcohol and seized an item worth 1.67 lakhs and conducted further investigation. Two people, including a woman, were arrested following the raid. When bootlegger Naresh Khalasi and his wife Vaishali Khalasi were found, 13 people were declared wanted. Sachin GIDC police was on the run with the raids conducted by the State Monitoring Cell.

According to the sources, it can be said that the largest load of country liquor in Salm areas of Surat is brought from Gabheni and Budia villages. Not only this, but it has come to know that women are mostly involved in this work. State Monitoring Cell Gandhinagar SP Nilpat Rai, Sachin GIDC area of Surat received information that Naresh Khalasi runs about 28 stands of country liquor, was running a furnace with loads of country liquor in Gabheni Tad Paliya, on the basis of which under the guidance of State Monitoring Cell DYSP KT Kamatia, M V Chavda raided the palm tree and Tekra Paliya of Gabheni village. Police seized 1160 liters of country liquor worth Rs 23,200 while 5600 liters of Voss worth Rs 11200, five mobile phones, five vehicles, cash Rs 1600 and a total of Rs 1,67,200 during the raid. Neeraj Shiv Shyam was arrested during the police action. In this incident, the State Moderating Cell registered a prohibition offense at Sachin GIDC Police Station late at night.

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