February 25, 2024

Some poor class students are forced to left their studies due to can’t afford education fees.

Gandhinagar : In Gandhinagar, the students raised an uproar over the grant of scholarships in various professional and non-professional courses. The students raised the slogan “Justice, justice, students, justice” after not getting scholarships for a long time. Various professional courses as well as various non-professional courses for the year 2022-23 as per list. The student’s eligible scholarship of his own right has not been received for a period of more than 15 months.

According to the available information, the number of students who have not received the scholarship is more than 80%. Due to which many students have also left their studies due to the institutions demanding fees from the students. While the government makes a lot of announcements for scheduled caste development and studies, but for the last 15 months, students have been deprived of available scholarships. If students don’t get scholarship in next 8 days then we will protested by these 5000 students at Birsa Munda Bhawan. Dediapada Aam Aadmi Party MLA Chetan Vasava said that, as this Gujarat government has merged around 5,400 primary schools, government schools. Similarly, for the last one and a half years, no scholarship has been given to low Caste students. Now the situation of students are pursuing diploma, degree or medical or any course is poor. So while studying by paying the fee from the scholarship, today the scholarship for the year 2022-23 has not been deposited and in the current year the government has released the digital portal for the scholarship there are also many discrepancies. With all these submissions, we have reached Birsa Munda Bhawan while the students are also pushing for documents due to vacancy of officers.

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