February 24, 2024

In the video, the three men are seen passing through Vesu VIP Road during the day on a bike.

Moreover, three man to go on a triple ride on a bike on the VIP road, in which the person sitting behind had a revolver in his hand. There is a fear that miscreants are going to carry out the crime with weapons. This video has gone viral on social media. The bike didn’t even have a rear number plate. Three people pass through Vesu VIP Road.

A conscious citizen took down this video in his mobile

After, a conscious citizen took down this video in his mobile phone. In the video, the man sitting behind the bike has a revolver in his hand. Again, he wore a T-shirt hat on his head, so that the face of the man did not come into the camera.

The PI of Vesu police station spoke to MC Vala about this matter. They have talked about getting this video investigated. Persons walking around with revolvers will be searched and appropriate action will be taken. It will also be investigated from where this revolver was brought.

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