February 29, 2024

Within the next 10 to 15 days, the currency of 2000 note will be almost worthless in the APMC market.

Moreover, once again by the government Rs. 2000 rate notes have been announced to be withdrawn. The effect of which is slowly being seen in people. It is natural to see its effect especially in an industrial city like Surat.

Although, crores of rupees are transacted here daily. 200 and 200 notes have increased in Surat market yard. Farmers are refusing to take 2000 notes. The effect is seeing day by day.

Additionally, the impact of the decision taken by the government yesterday is beginning to be felt in the largest APMC market of South Gujarat. Farmers come here to sell vegetables and fruits in the market, in such a situation crores of transactions are done here every day.

When farmers come to APMC, they go back with the money, after they get from traders. Most of the farmers yesterday insisted that the government should not take the 2000 note from the traders after the government decided to withdraw the 2000 note.

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