February 29, 2024

In an age where children are engrossed in sophisticated gadgets, just 11-year-old Dishita Jain from Surat has written a 45-page book on animal cruelty caused by research.

Initially, Dishita Jain, who lives in the Citylight area, realized at the age of 8 that research in almost every field is done on animals first, due to which there is cruelty behave with animals. This stuck in her mind in such a way that she decided to make an effort to prevent such incidents from happening to animals and she has written a whole book.

Since childhood, Dishita Jain was eager to ask questions in every subject, even in small matters her parents had to answer her. Dishita has also written a book of 45 pages. In that too, especially the idea that she has put in the book called Life of Twins is surprising to people. In the book he mentions the thinking not only for animals, but also for any children of her age.

Although, Dishita Jain said, “I have seen many times that young children usually do not help each other and make fun of them. There are many children, who think they can do everything and never ask for help. She has also mentioned in the book how to prevent this from happening and at the same time not using animals for research, when people put themselves in the place of animals, they will know how much cruelty is being done to them.

Also, she wrote this book within 11 month, and put on digital plateform, so that people can buy. Further, her parents represent that, we don’t know what will she does and become in the future, but yes she’ll shine our country and will become responsible citizen.

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