February 25, 2024

In this incident which shamed the society, the three accused were arrested by the Kamrej police within a few hours

In Kamrej’s Ghala village, a philandering married cousin with two children lured his virgin sister into a love trap and made her pregnant by repeatedly having intercourse with her. The ground slipped from under the feet of the girl’s family when a 20-year-old virgin sister gave birth to a baby girl. The girl’s father and aunty dug a hole in the forest and buried the newly born girl in order not to be shamed in the society.

Further, Kanu baraiya, who lives in Ghala village of Bhavnagar and Kamrej, is running the family by doing farm labor as a runaway in the farm. On May 26 last afternoon, his daughter was taken to the hospital at Keshwar with stomach pain. There she had 8 to 9 months gestation old after undergoing sonography. The family was shocked ,when there was a report of pregnancy.

A newborn baby was buried

After coming home, when the girl was questioned by her mother, she said that she had a love and sexual relationship with her cousin brother Munesh Gohil for the last five-six years. The family members were stunned to know that, the child belonged to cousin Munesh. After, she rushed to her brother’s house about this serious matter.

Additionally, late at night the victim gave birth to a girl. A cruel Munesh came home after being informed about the birth of a daughter. The family was deeply worried, when the virgin daughter gave birth to a baby girl. No one knew what to do. After, fearing that she would be disgraced in the society, she decided to bury the girl.

The main accused, Munesh, took the newborn baby girl and together with the victim’s father and aunty, Munesh dug a hole and buried the newly born baby girl in an open area on the outskirts of village.

The police made an arrest within hours

Lastly, he returned home around two o’clock in the night. When he returned, the girl asked him, where the baby girl was. So he said, we three have buried her in the land. The family informed the girl’s brother Jaywant about the act done by the three people with the intention of destroying the evidence. So he reported the whole matter to Kamrej Police. The police were also shocked after knowing about the whole incident.

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