February 25, 2024

Attractive paintings have been created on the walls for cleanliness drive and traffic regulation awareness.

Initially, the eco friendly police station of Umarpada in Surat district. Going to any police station naturally makes people feel scared, but today, in stark contrast, people belief will change as soon as you enter Umarpada Police Station in. Umarpada Police Station located in Umarpada taluka is clean, tidy and eco-friendly that makes you want to sit for hours.

This police station is different from others because all the policemen, officers working here are environment lovers. The cleanliness and nature-loving policemen on duty here have created harmony with the environment.

The nature-loving police staff of the police station have created a green and clean police station with shared amenities. The tree-covered premises give the police station a pleasant feel with the chirping of birds.

Umarpada Police Station is not only a center for justice, but also a living and inspiring example for rain water harvesting, environment conservation, promotion of natural farming, vermi compost, meditation, kitchen gardening. Water and leaves are prevented from becoming waste in this police station.

Where, in which the waste water is discharged into the ground, while the rainwater occurring in Magha Nakshatra is good, 40 thousand liters of water is stored in the underground sump made to store this water, which provides clean drinking water year round.

Also, a vermi compost bed has been set up in the police station itself to convert fallen tree leaves, dry waste mixed with cow dung into vermi compost. A ‘best from waste’ concept has been made from waste materials into attractive decorations.

There is a play area for children, where the children of the police family living in the police quarters adjacent to the police station, as well as the children of the prosecutors-visitors who come here, play and have fun.

At Umarpada police station, using waste vehicle tyres, broken pipes, plastic bottles, unused bins and started raising saplings and vines filled with soil, a latest initiative to ensure orderly cultivation and monitoring of trees is not the end of the job, in which all the members of the police staff inspired to adopt one tree in the premises for compulsory cultivation. A name plate bearing the name and rank of the adopting policeman was also placed on the trunk under the sapling.

The petitioner, who comes with his complaint in a frenzy, after entering here, is instantly elated by the cleanliness, greenery. By working here, the policemen have become stress free and the efficiency has also increased. This is the only eco friendly police station in Surat district and everyone is praising this police station and the policemen.

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