February 25, 2024

Big vehicle owners who have not paid tax for more than a year have been given a red eye by Surat RTO.

Basically, vehicles that evade paying tax at the RTO have been blacklisted by the RTO in-charge. This includes private buses and goods trucks. Importantly, many private bus and truck owners in the city have to pay an annual tax, which has been evading payment for quite some time now. The RTO officer also issued a notice to the vehicle owner to pay this tax.

Although, the vehicle owners were ignoring the notice. At that time, in order to bring the dignity of such vehicle owners, the Surat in-charge RTO has blacklisted as many as 3,359 vehicles to teach a lesson to the owners of non-tax paying private buses and goods trucks. These blacklisted vehicles cannot be scrapped at the facility center either. Until the tax of this vehicle is paid, the vehicle cannot be transferred and no work of RTO will be done on these vehicles.

Importantly, private bus and goods truck owners have not paid tax for the last two or three years. Such vehicles have been blacklisted and the Surat RTO in-charge has now initiated legal action against the tax defaulters to collect Rs 53.31 crore tax.

That is why now the motorists, who have not paid the tax and their vehicles have been blacklisted will not get the benefit of any government policy until the vehicle owners pay the outstanding tax to the government.

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