February 25, 2024

The samples of medicines and supplements taken from various medical stores of the city by the Surat Municipal Corporation have failed in the verification

Moreover, a lot of news of adulteration is currently coming across the state. Meanwhile, in Surat, after pastry, pepper masala, cheese, now medicine has also been found to be fake. In the investigation of the municipality, the sample of the medicine has been found to have failed.

Health supplement medicines taken for physical fitness are also not safe. Samples of protein and vitamin drugs have failed in the investigation. Sample failures have been seen from Shahpore Ashish Medical, Jai Ambe Chemist of Magob, SH Chemist of Bamaroli. The Municipal Corporation has taken legal action against all these.

Lastly, ashish Medical of Shahpore, Jai Ambe Chemist of Magob, SH of Bamroli by the team of Food Safety Department of Manpa. Samples of health supplements and medicines were taken from stores including chemists, out of which the samples of 4 organizations have failed, one organization has been fined by the Manpa.

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