February 29, 2024

Hence foreign companies will not be able to connect with Surat.

Surat : Surat airport has been officially declared to be of international standard, but the airport has not yet been included in the points of call. Surat does not have the required point of call, due to which foreign airlines cannot start their services at Surat airport.On December 17 last year, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Diamond Bourse in Surat and gave international status to Surat Airport, so that Air India Express started Dubai flights. While IndiGo will also start flights to Dubai. However, Surat does not have the required point of call, due to which foreign airline companies cannot start their services at Surat airport.

Moreover, Sanjay Jain of We Work for Working Airport Group said that, Air India Express currently flies to Dubai, Sharjah from Surat and IndiGo is also going to fly to Dubai. Thus, point to point connectivity is available through Indian carrier, but no single PNR connectivity beyond Dubai. For that only foreign carriers can provide further connectivity from Surat. Foreign airlines can start direct flights quickly if bilateral and points of call are included.The Indian carrier is also facing aircraft problems, the best option for IndiGo would be to provide further connectivity by connecting Doha, but due to aircraft issues that too does not seem possible in the near future. So the government should allow the foreign carrier in non-metro for a period of 3 to 5 years. After becoming an international airport, the number of customs staff is increased. The reason for this is that due to the gradual increase in the number of international flights, the number of immigration counters also has to be increased so that the passengers do not face any problem.

There may be difficulty in checking passengers, currently only two to three counting counters are functioning at Surat airport. Also, since the flight from Surat to Sharjah comes three days a week, the number of passengers is around 150 in one trip. If two to three flights are to be operated at the same time or even within half an hour, then the possibility of problems in passenger checking cannot be ruled out.

*This should be a feature at Surat airport

  • Surat airport should be included in the point of call
  • 24-hour customs immigration staff facility should be available at Surat airport and that too in sufficient numbers, so that passengers do not have to deal with more than one flight at any given time.
  • Integration of old terminal and new terminal, if any, should be completed
  • Arrival seating arrangements for 400-500 international passengers at a time
  • Money exchange facility
  • Branded refreshment outlet

Lastly, an agreement is signed between the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the two countries. So that foreign companies can start flights. However, Surat is yet to be recognized bilaterally. Hence foreign companies will not be able to connect with Surat.

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