February 25, 2024

The terminal expansion will increase the existing passenger capacity of 17.5 lakh to 26 lakh.

Surat : On the one hand, there is a rush to start the business of sparkling diamonds in Surat Diamond Bourse, on the other hand, the work of polishing the airport of Surat city is going on fast. A new terminal building has been constructed at Surat airport at a cost of Rs 163 crore. For the redevelopment of Surat Airport in the year 2022, the government has allocated Rs. 353 crore has been sanctioned, out of which Rs.163 Crore New terminal building has been constructed for expansion on both sides of the existing terminal building. Although most of the work on this building has been completed, it cannot be used now. Because, to make the day of inauguration of Surat Diamond Bourse by Prime Minister Narendra Modi big event, the rulers have planned to hold the launch of the newly constructed terminal building of the airport on the same day by the Prime Minister.

The terminal expansion of Surat airport will increase the existing passenger capacity of 17.5 lakh to 26 lakh. Recently, in meeting of the Aerodram Environmental Management Committee under the leadership of Surat District Collector Ayush Oak, he urged to complete the works in 20 days. However, only one terminal building could be completed in 20 days. In January 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the 353 crore project including terminal building expansion, apron and parallel taxi tracks. Among these works, the terminal building is the only one that has been fully completed. Apart from this, the work of new airport apron also cost Rs. 72 crores is running with an expenditure. However, the airport authority has not taken any special action except extending the deadline as to when the apron work will be completed. The Airports Authority of India said in another tweet that Surat Airport’s terminal building will be GRIHA 4-star compliant after the upgrade, and will be able to handle 1800 passengers during peak hours. It will have modern facilities of 20 check-in counters, 5 aerobridges, 13 immigration counters and 5 baggage carousels. The terminal buildings under construction will soon help passengers in easy, comfortable and hassle-free travel.

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