February 29, 2024

After arriving at Surat airport yesterday, he directly reached Gopin Farm for overnight stay.

While Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshvardham has a divine court in Surat today, a luxurious level has been arranged for him. A particularly big question arose that, where to arrange for Dhirendra Shastri’s residence? The first was to be held by the organizing committee at a farmhouse in Vesu area near the airport at his residence.

Although, then it was decided to make arrangements at Gopin Farmhouse of industrialist Lavji Badshah at Abrama. After arriving at Surat airport yesterday, they directly reached Gopin Farm for overnight stay.

Further, GopinFarm in Surat is a very luxurious farm that has been arranged for investment. It is said that, Gopin Farm House is considered to be one of the most luxurious farmhouses of industrialists in Surat. All kinds of arrangements are made inside this farm. This farm house has been built to look like a hotel.

Who is the owner of this farmhouse?

Moreover, located on the banks of Tapi River in Surat’s Abrama area, Gopin Farmhouse belongs to Surat industrialist Lavji Badshah. He is a well-known diamond businessman and builder from Surat.

In the end, Lavji badshah is very prominent in social and religious events. He made best amenities for Baba bageshwar. He is really a good man in the society, as he has done so many things for society.

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