February 29, 2024

If you get to know, you will stop eating. It was stuffed in a non-veg samosa that would make you want to vomit.

You love eating samosas. If you are fond of eating non-veg, then be careful because the non-veg you are eating may be beef too, as the Mangrol police caught a man with a quantity of samosas from a rickshaw near Mosali Chowk and the samosa being sent to F.A. Cell contained beef in the samosas. Mangrol police registered a case under the Mumbai Animal Protection Act and took further action.

Further, suspicious about Samosa, the police questioned Ismail. First of all, this was said to be a non-veg samosa, but based on the information received by the police, the police sent Samosa for the FSL test. Shocking details were revealed in the FSL report. The samosa turned out to be beef and not chicken. Ismail used to sell this samosa to people saying it was from chicken.

In the end, Mangrol police arrested Ismail. Sallu and Simon Vasava have been declared wanted and further investigation is being conducted. A case has been registered against the accused Ismail at Mangarol police station, in which he was also declared wanted.

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