February 29, 2024

Also under discussion are the religious inscriptions plastered on the main roads and footpaths

Further, the issue of illegal religious pressures has come to the know in the city. The urban dwellers have been bearing the brunt of religious pressure on main-internal roads, footpaths.

Municipal Commissioner has demolished more than 9 religious pressures, so the municipality is now also removing religious pressures that are hindering development.

Although, in the year 2010, the municipality conducted a survey on the orders of the Supreme Court, and it was reported that, there were 436 different religious pressures found in all the zones of the city.

However, while the municipality has been able to remove only 13 of these unauthorized encroachments, illegal religious encroachments on road pavements are also in the news.

Additionally, in which a total of 436 unauthorized religious places were registered till 31 March 2010. The municipality was found unable to address these religious encumbrances by road, and had managed to remove only 13 religious encroachments as on 31 December 2022. While currently 436 religious pressures are blocking main roads, internal roads and footpaths.

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