February 25, 2024

The office of Surat District Farmers’ Society was locked today; When the farmers did not come out of the office, the police beat up the farmers and took them to the police station.

Surat : Purushottam Jean mill located at Jahangirpura, gave an office to the Gujarat Farmer Society on a 51-year lease. Then in the general meeting of the mill it was decided to close the office. Following this decision, a case was filed in the court by the farmer society. A petition was filed in the High Court by Purushottam Jean Mill. Meanwhile, a tight police presence was arranged to close the office of the farmer society today. Despite the persuasion by the police officers, the farmers did not vacate the possession, finally a large number of farmers including Jayesh Patel, President of the Farmers’ Society, Ramesh Patel were kicked out of the office, and after detaining all, the office was sealed by the employees of Purshottam Pharmacy. Before vacating the office of farmer society, the president of Gujarat Khedut Samaj, Jayesh Patel, directly alleged the state level minister Mukesh Patel that the interest of the farmers is being opposed in this office, and this action is taking place only with the intervention of Mukesh Patel.

Furthermore, Manhar Patel, President of Purushottam Farms and Cotton Ginning Mill Compound Cooperative Society, said that a notice was given by the organization to vacate the office. An office is not a proprietary space, it is a proprietary space of an organization. The premises were given on a lease of 51 years. As the office building has become dilapidated, the office was instructed to vacate, but the office was not ready to vacate. This was a non-political office, but Congress people were doing political activities here.

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