December 11, 2023

Thus, Citizens have better access to the National Highway 52 in their hometowns through BRTS.

Surat : Another fly over bridge was opened for public at Bhathena in Surat city today. Due to the bridge that started today at Bhathena area, the vehicle drivers will get a lot of relief to reach the textile market and the highway. The construction of the 560 meter long bridge at an estimated cost of Rs 37 crore will directly benefit an average of 10 lakh people per day and will also relieve the citizens from the problem of daily traffic jams. On the occasion of the inauguration of Bhathena Flower Bridge, BJP state president and Navsari MP CR Patil said that the city of Surat was once known as textile city and diamond city, which has now succeeded in establishing its unique identity as a bridge city. Surat city has probably the highest number of fly overs and railway over bridges and bay bridges in the entire country. Surat city currently has 121 bridges.

In the end, keeping in view the ever-increasing traffic load and the inconvenience to the motorists, the work of the fly over bridge at Bhathena was carried out after conducting the necessary survey by the Surat Municipal Corporation. He further said that the Surat Municipal Corporation is always committed to the convenience of the citizens and to ease the problem of traffic jams. Today, the development of the city of Surat is proving to be an example for not only the country but the cities of the entire world.

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