February 29, 2024

A program organized to bring out the talent in trans gender

Initially, a fashion show for trans gender was organized at Vesu with the aim of building a comparative bridge between trans gender and the society and the event was also named ‘Equality’. This fashion show was held for the purpose that women can also make a name for themselves in different fields and work in each field.

However, now the trans genders are slowly learning to do something different from this work and a fashion show has been organized at Surat for the purpose of allowing them to walk in society in a comparable manner. They organize of the fashion show, said that I have been associated with trans gender for many years. They still do not have a status in the society that they can walk in comparison with the society.

In today’s era, many of which are true trans gender, who are well known, have good computer knowledge. It tooks a lot of time to get these kinnars ready for the fashion show, but today they have been trained very neatly. It has been said that, these women can even shoot for a saree, some can do small roles and some can become good singers.

Lastly, this program has been organized with the objective that we also get equality, change the mentality of people, instead of the prejudice people have towards us. Even today in the society many such children are born as trans gender.

The purpose is to bring out the inner responses and teach other things to such children in the society in their parents’ house. The people of the society should also know that you can do a fashion show even in a saree and it is the best, it has to be shown.

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