February 29, 2024

Following the program, there was a shortage of TRB, traffic police in the city due to the large number of police deployments.

Additionally, the Nilgiri ground of Limbayat was thronged. The crowd started to emerge from 2 pm. The time of divine darbar was 5 pm, but Dhirendra Shastri came late due to heat. Even in the sun, people were sitting in the divine court to catch a glimpse of Dhirendra Shastri. By 6.30 am there was a rush. Kirtidan Gadhvi sang bhajan and set the tone.

The police had to do more to maintain order in the program. Dhirendra Shastri, looking at Manavmehraman, said that there is an organization of people in Surat.

To prevent conversion, we will make organize ‘Katha’ in tribal areas and make them return home
Addressing the information, Dhirendra Shastri said about the conversion in the district that, we will go to the tribes and make the converts return home, there are many BJP organizers have hijacked your program? When asked, he said that I do not belong to any political party, SP, Congress, BJP are my disciples.

Lastly, bajrangbali is my only party. He further told the people that, the sound of the ancient region known as Suryapur echoes all over the world. He used to say the madmen of Gujarat, my madmen of Surat. I have not come to take money for such a vision. I have come to take honor.

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