February 25, 2024

Strong winds blew continuously for 5 minutes creating an atmosphere of fear, leaves of many thatched houses were blown away.

On Monday late evening, the atmosphere of the city changed and a storm blew with a speed of 78 kmph. Due to strong winds, the leaves of several roofs houses were blown away and more than 30 trees were uprooted. There were incidents of power poles being broken, banner-hoardings falling down. Electricity was cut off in some areas. The impact of the storm was more visible in Rander, Jahangirpura, Pal and Adajan areas of the city.

Although, between 7.15 pm and 7.20 pm there were black clouds and lightning strikes. However, the Meteorological Department did not predict any storm. On Monday, the maximum temperature increased by 2 degrees to 36.8 degrees. So in the afternoon there was a condition with heat.

However, after the storm, there was a relief as the coolness spread. During the storm, the Magdala Meteorological Department office recorded a wind speed of 66 kmph and 78 kmph at the airport. Even after the storm, the wind speed remained. Winds were blowing at a speed of 30 to 40 km per hour till late night. Unseasonal rain is likely tomorrow. Whereas, on Saturday and Sunday can also be eclipsed.

Many vehicles were also damaged in Adajan and Pal

Divisional Fire Officer said that, the operation of removing the branches has started, which is likely to continue till late night. Many vehicles were also damaged in some area.

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