February 29, 2024

In Surat, samples of ice cream after ice balls and ice dishes also failed the lab test

During the summer in Surat, the Surtis eat many things including ice cream, ice dishes to get relief from the heat, now it may prove to be dangerous for them. Earlier, samples of ice-cream and ice-dishes had failed the laboratory test. Currently, samples from four more ice-cream shops have failed the laboratory test.

This month, officials of the Food Department took samples from the establishments producing, storing and selling ice cream in the Surat Municipal Corporation area. In this month itself, the municipality took samples of ice cream from several shops, out of which the samples of four shops have failed in the laboratory test.

However, in these samples, the amount of milk fat and milk protein were less than reported and B. R. The readings were higher than reported. Now Surat Municipality will file a complaint against this institution before the Adjudicating Officer.

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