February 29, 2024

In the year 1989 on 9th June in a convention held at Vanita Vishram, Pandurang Dada named jewelers as Ratnakalakar.

Initially, on 9th June 1989, Pandurangasastri Athavaleji, the pioneer of Swadhyaya activity, convened a large convention of artisans working in the diamond industry at Vanita Vishram Ground. Diamond artisans were addressed as ‘Hiraghasu or Ghasya’, but he said, you are not an ordinary artisan. You are the jeweler shaping the gem. That’s where the word jeweler came from.

He further said, I am delighted to be involved in creating the environment for the diamond industry. Air-conditioned factories, high wages, limited working hours, many benefits like PF, gratuity, pension, canteens, paid vacations have transformed the diamond industry.

The ideology given by Shastriji, his value, the work he has done is very amazing, the value of jewelers is seen all over the world today. Full credit can be given to Pandurang Dada. Even though all the people involved in the diamond industry were less educated at that time, it was not uncommon for him to take his own tiffin and carry the Gita ideas from door to door at his own expense to discipline them.

In the end, at that time the diamond artisans were treated like an abandoned class. Even our jewelers would come down a storm anytime, but the vision changed since Pandurang Dada gave humanity word as well as irrigated the sanskar. We registered 4.5 lakh Ratnakalakars as Ratnakalakar Sangh.

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