February 25, 2024

Mango juice is extracted and packed in Surat APMC market. These packing boxes are sent across the country

As soon as summer begins, mangoes arrive in the market. Especially mango juice is loved by all people, the pulses of mangoes coming to the market are collected and packed by APMC market in Surat. These packing boxes are sent abroad. It is India’s first APMC, which manufactures 17 products with crores of revenue.

Moreover, APMC is the center for selling all the products for the farmers. Surat’s APMC is the only market in India where vegetables are sold and these vegetables and fruits are packed and sent abroad.

Although, especially the demand of saffron mangoes from South Gujarat is very large in Canada, America, London, Africa and Australia. Along with saffron mangoes, Ratnagiri, Hafoos are also in high demand, so all those mangoes are brought here and ripened. After that, its juice is extracted and processed and packed.

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