February 25, 2024

In two and a half years, Surat Municipal Corporation has allotted home more than 6000 families

Surat : In today’s special general meeting of the Surat Municipal Corporation, the Chairman of the Information Committee claimed that Dumbhal has become the first project of Gujarat. Apart from this, Surat Municipal Corporation has said that, it is going to build 8000 new houses for the needy people.

Moreover, Dinesh Rajpurohit, chairman of the slum committee, while participating in the general meeting of the municipality, said that the government had implemented such a scheme to make the dream of a house come true for the homeless. More than 6 thousand housing units have been drawn in the last two and a half years. Construction of 3,000 dwellings has been approved. While the work of making more than 8 thousand houses has been carried out. The housing built years ago became dilapidated and the condition of the people became miserable. The state government had implemented a re-development scheme so that people do not become homeless. Under this scheme, Surat Municipality has provided new houses to more than 4 thousand families. He expressed confidence that, there will be a lot of work in this field in the coming days.

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