February 29, 2024

Decision in the Academic Council meeting of the University

The academic council meeting of Narmad University has decided to give one more chance to the students, who have scored low marks in the internal examinations. They will be able to retake the exam in a month.

However, in the academic council meeting some important decisions have been taken keeping in mind the interest of the students, in which a decision has been taken to give one more chance to the students, who have got less marks in the internal examination.

Further, many students pass the annual written examination, but fail due to low internal marks. If the year of such a student does not deteriorate, those students will be able to retake the exam. It has been decided that, these students will have to give the exam in a month and if they get enough marks, they will be considered as pass.

Apart from that, under the new education policy, the university is moving towards 20 new courses. It has been decided to start 4 new courses of B.Com in Commerce.

Lastly, B.Com Data Science, B.Com E-Commerce, B.Com Induct and B.Com Taxation courses will be started. The syllabus will be decided by 10th and the course will be started from the new academic year.

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