February 29, 2024

Bicycles missing from several bicycle stands including Majuragate-Kadivala four roads, and Athwa police post

Basically, SMC has constructed a 75 km cycle track to promote cycle sharing projects to reduce the amount of pollution. Apart from this, the bicycle sharing project has also been implemented, but due to the negligence of the Surat Municipality, people are running away from the bicycle sharing project, which was started with a large amount of money.

Further, many cycle sharing stands in Surat have been occupied by beggars and workers. People cannot even send bicycles as the bicycle stand has been turned into a rain base by beggars. The project cannot be ruled out as the municipal system cannot remove the beggars from the cycle stands.

Although, Surat Municipality started a bicycle sharing project from the year 2019 and brought bicycles with GPS system and made bicycle stands in many places. The municipality got a lot of success with starting this project. However, over time the number of bicycles also increased, but the municipality reduced the focus on bicycle stands.

As soon as the municipality’s focus shifted from the sharing cycle project, beggars and laborers started encroaching on the bicycle stands built by the municipality, because of this, beggars have occupied several bicycle stands including the Majuragate-Kadivala four road, the Athwa police station.

Not only that, but bicycles are also disappearing from these bicycle stands. Beggars have set up camp at many bicycle stands, so people are afraid to even come to park their bicycles.

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