February 25, 2024

Court order to register rape case against Surat police constable who raped and abandoned woman

A woman’s body is not a toy to play for man: Court
The court has ordered to register a case of rape against a police constable who physically abused a woman for two years by luring her into marriage. The victim woman filed a complaint at the Salabatpura police station against the police constable, who lured her away by giving her marriage.

However, the police did not take any action and the victim approached the court (SuratCourt). The court has ordered the Salabatpura police to note that a woman’s body is not a man’s plaything.

The facts of the case are that, the husband of a woman living in Mandarwaja area of the city died in 2013. Once when they were coming to Surat by train, the police registered a case of alcohol smuggling against them related to Prohibition.

The investigation of the complaint registered against the woman was handed over to Constable Deepak Baburao working at Khatodara Police Station.

Meanwhile, they both were fell in love with each other, and Deepak khonde assured that, he will marry with her. So that, that woman trusted on him and gave permission to touch her. Although, the year 2016 to 2018, they both had physical relationship between, and after two years he abandoned her.

However, since Deepak Khonde was a policeman himself and was employed at the Salabatpura police station, the Salabatpura police did not take any action on the woman’s complaint. So the woman complained against Deepak Khond in the court of the 7th Additional Judicial Magistrate through Advocate Ilyas Patel and cried for justice.

During that time, the case was heard by Judge L. Trivedi of the Fifth Judicial Magistrate First Class Court. After hearing the arguments of the complainant and the accused party, Judge Trivedi ordered the Salabatpura police station to register a case under Section 376(C) against police constable Dipak Khond.

In the end, Justice Trivedi in his order significantly cited that, ‘A woman’s body is not a man’s plaything‘. The act committed by the accused falls within the definition of rape and is prima facie visible.

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