February 29, 2024

So far 2000 notes worth more than 800 crores have been deposited in the banks of the city

Customers withdrawing large amounts from banks are forced to take bulk notes

After RBI’s notification regarding Rs 2000 notes, more than 800 crore notes have been deposited in banks so far. Banks are also exchanging notes. In this situation, many banks and especially co-operative banks have started to reduce the Rs 500 notes.

Apart from this, 2000 notes, which are being deposited in the banks, have started increasing and since RBI is not withdrawing these notes, SCOBA (South Gujarat Co-operative Bank Association) has also made a representation to RBI.

Today, the condition of some ATMs in the city has become such that instead of 500, 100 and 200 notes have started coming. The bank are saying till now that, banks are being forced to use rupees from the stock they have. If the situation remains like this and the stock of Rs 500 notes does not come, the difficulties of the banks may increase in the coming days.

Many banks make excuses to exchange 2000 notes

On the other hand, due to the announcement of demonetisation of 2000 notes, banks in Surat are continuously crowded. People are lining up to deposit Rs 2000 notes. However, there are also complaints of customers being harassed by many banks in the city.

Banks are looking for excuses not to accept notes by raising different objections. Customers are passing Rs 2000 notes at places including petrol pumps, dairy, malls. Later these notes are deposited in banks. All the banks of the city together have deposited 2000 notes worth approximately 800 crore rupees.

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