February 29, 2024

Usually, you have seen police dogspots in crimes like theft, looting, assault or murder

The police fielded a special dog Drake

Surat City Police has been running the Know-To-Drugs campaign for years, so far the police have been successful in seizing the amount of MD drug, methamphetamine, heroin, charas and ganja. Despite the police campaign, drugs are still coming and being sold in the city. Police has fielded a special dog Drake for this.

Finding drugs will help

This dog prepared by the police will be present on duty along with the police department at public places, city entrances. When any vehicle enters the city of Surat, those vehicles are checked by the police, but stealthily the drug peddlers are successful in bringing the drugs into the city of Surat, but now this dog will help the police to find the drugs hidden in any place.

Dogs are trained to detect drugs

Although, the dog that police have prepared is a Beagle breed. The police have trained this dog to detect narcotics. The specialty of this dog is that it quickly detects the drug along with its smell. Surat City Police has a total of six dog police to find the trail of criminals, while five dogs will work with the police in various crimes and this sixth beagle dog drake will join the operation to find narcotics.

The dog has the ability to catch drug smugglers

This drake attached to the police campaign may be small in appearance, but calm in nature. Detects drug peddlers quickly. This dog has a unique ability to catch drug smugglers in congested areas like airports, railway stations, bus stations and from Mumbai to Rajasthan.

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