February 29, 2024

Children who passed with good marks in class 6th got ‘Roshani’

In Dr. Abdul Kalam Primary School of Municipality Nagar Primary Education Committee, Godadara, studying and living in the fields, the teachers have done an inspiring job of lighting their houses by installing solar panels in their huts, so that they do not have any difficulty in studying.

In this school, 3 siblings named Vikram, Poonam and Seema are brilliant in studies. They are children of farm labourers. They live in a hut in a paddy field, where there is no electricity. Students do school lessons and other studies in the light of street lights.

However, presently these students have passed 6th standard with good marks. So class teacher discussed with Principal and decided to install solar panels at their house. The children, who were living without lights after the installation of solar panels, are studying in the light of sonar panels and since these students are leaders in studies, the teachers of this school have shown readiness to help them in the future.

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