February 29, 2024

It was also urged to implement the resolution of the state government, order to take possession on expiry of rental plot

The municipal commissioner canceled the decision to reduce the rent rate of the food court leased on the open plot of the municipality located in Adajan and now the municipal commissioner has pushed to complete this process as per the government rules set in the year 2016. So, in the standing committee meeting held on Wednesday, the commissioner and the rulers came face to face on the issue of using the power of standing.

Although, from the beginning, there was a discussion on this issue that open plots in prime locations were given to some activists with financial relief. At that time, the new resolution made for the food court of Adajan was canceled by the municipal commissioner as not according to the rules. This issue was discussed in the standing committee meeting held on Wednesday.

Committee chairman said that, the resolution to fix the food court rate has been rejected, the plot holders will have to pay the full amount. As per the government’s resolution, the rate of Rs 13 to 16 per square meter is charged as per article and the limit is only 45 days, so some confusion is likely to arise.

A list of expired plots was prepared

It was known that, following the insistence of the municipal commissioner that the process of renting open plots of the municipality should be done as per the government norms, the officers of Rander zone held a meeting and decided the list of plots after the expiry of the period.

In the end, the standing committee also added that, the plots allotted in Rander zone have been instructed to vacate the plots when the time limit of the plots is over.

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