February 25, 2024

Among the 11 cities qualified from across India for Stage 2, Surat has also secured a place

Moreover, as part of the “Cycle to Work” campaign launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, following the appeal of the Surat Municipal Commissioner, its implementation has been started by the municipal officials. An officer working in the Surat Municipal Corporation office has started a “Cycle to Work” campaign from his residence near the office.

Intended to be cycling friendly

Although, India Cycle for Challenge was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under the Smart Cities Mission to promote non-motorized vehicles in the cities of the country and to make cities cycling friendly.

Further, in which significant work has been done by the city of Surat in the first stage of India Cycle for Change. Among the 11 cities qualified from across India for Stage 2, Surat has also secured a place.

Currently in Surat Smart City Mission Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has launched “Cycle to Work” campaign as part of India Cycle for Change Challenge. Out of the total eight cities selected for the pilot of the campaign, Surat has been selected.

Various activities like developing walking and cycling infrastructure are being done by Surat Municipal Corporation and Surat Smart Development Limited to make Shah a cycling friendly and walking friendly city.

Besides, citizen awareness activities are also organized from time to time. Along with this, the official employees working in different zones and offices of SMC mostly travel in private vehicles like two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Among which many officers and employees live within a short distance from their office. Thus, the health of those office officials can be greatly benefited if the employees go to their office by walking or cycling.

Lastly, officer has said, that following the appeal of the Municipal Commissioner, it has been told to bring a bicycle once a month for convenience. This has been started by encouraging urbanites to use bicycles in their daily work.

The Cycle to Work initiative has been launched to encourage citizens to contribute to the preservation of the environment by using e-motorized vehicles or bicycles.

This initiative is good for the environment, but can also be very beneficial for people’s health. With the auspicious auspiciousness of which this beginning has been made by me.

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