February 25, 2024

Decision not to vacate the building until the municipality starts work for redevelopment on PPP basis

Outrage among Mandarwaja tenament residents, the families cannot afford the rental house due to the poor economic condition of the families, the tenaments were brought down slogans

After the notice to vacate the house to the residents of Mann Darwaza tenament in Limbayat zone of Surat Municipal Corporation, outrage has erupted among the residents. Despite the notice from the municipality, the residents are not ready to vacate the house. Tenament owners gathered this morning and raised slogans against the policy of the municipality.

They had made it clear that, the building will not be vacated until the municipality starts the re-development work on PPP basis. The residents said indignantly, due to the poor financial condition of the families living here, the families cannot afford the rented house, so they will stay here at the risk of their lives without vacating the house.

Due to the possibility of accidents in that area which are very dilapidated before monsoon, notices have been issued by the system to avoid the risk of life and property, now the protest is being seen among the flat holders.

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