February 25, 2024

During drinking water supply between 6 am and 8 am, water is flowing on the road due to line leakage, the problem does not end despite several complaints.

Surat Municipality advises people to save water, but the municipality itself is lazy in implementing it. In Udhana area, thousands of liters of water is flowing on the road during water supply for the last 1.5 month, despite heaps of complaints from the locals, the officials of the municipality are not aware.

Further, Surat Municipality is constantly advising people to use water sparingly, but for the past one and a half months in the Udhana zone of the municipality, the municipality has failed to save thousands of liters of clean drinking water every day. In front of the new office of the power company in the area of Road No. 6 in Udhana Zone of Surat Municipality, water is coming out of the water line every morning and flowing on the road.

Locals are outraged that the clean drinking water is being wasted since the last time, and is going into drains and no action is being taken even though complaints are made to the authorities. As this water collects on the road, there is a danger of mosquito breeding and also a threat to people’s health. If a complaint is made about this, some officials do not even pick up the phone.

Lastly, a complaint has also been lodged in the ward office regarding this, but even after that the complaint is not disposed of. The people of this area are showing great resentment against the functioning of the municipality as the water is being wasted by the municipality itself.

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