February 25, 2024

Crores of rupees are being spent on garden development in the city of Smart City Surat, but public money seems to be going down the drain.

Sports equipment in broken condition

The condition of Shantikunj Garden on Nandanvan Road in Nawagam Dindoli area has become problamatic. Small gardens have been created in the TP area so that people can visit the garden with their families. The condition of some gardens has become like a scrape. The facilities inside the guard are damaged by anti-social elements.

Most of the guards in the city are seeing the same situation. Children go to play in the garden, but the playground equipment is found missing. If the children cannot go to the garden and play, then there is no point in spending the corporation.

Corporation officials do not even come to see

Lastly, a local resident, said that people go to the garden with their family members as it is a vacation for children. Sports equipment has also been placed there for the children to spend their time well, but at present the condition is very bad.

Sports equipment, water taps have also been broken. If the garden is monitored from time to time and CCTV is installed, the people will be protected and the equipment will also be properly maintained.

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