February 25, 2024

224 PhD Guide, Controversial Decision Despite Faculty, the matter reached the Syndicate with counsel’s opinion for the MOU

Basically, Veer Narmad University has now started preparations for making an MoU with a private company for research work. While there are hundreds of PhD guides in the university, it is learned that, a work to enter into an MoU with a Rajkot company for seminars etc. to boost research has been started.

Also, the VNSGU has started new projects, research and development cell has also started. Efforts are being made by this cell to increase the projects. Although, the decision will be taken in the coming days.

Bills including seminars can be placed

In the university itself, there are 22 departments that have expert faculty in that subject. Also 224 PhD guides have been approved. Instead of using their knowledge, there have been rumblings of giving the job to a private company. There is a possibility that bills will be placed by organizing programs including company seminars.

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