February 25, 2024

There are so many controversies going about this hospital, still no action is being taken by SMC and patients suffer more problems

The condition of Surat Municipal Hospital seems to be getting very pathetic. Controversies are coming up again and again. Recently, when the water supply was stopped in the female surgical ward, the ICU on the fourth floor of the hospital has also not been equipped with AC. This ICU has been started from 8th january, but no action has been taken yet.

AAP corporator alleged negligence

When AAP corporator and hospital committee member visited the hospital, the gross negligence of Smimer Hospital of Surat Metropolitan Municipality, which is considered a smart city, came to know, in which there is no AC facility in the ICU.

Also, the possibility of spreading infection due to the lack of air circulation was expressed by AAP. For this, Rachna Hirpara informed about installation of AC even four months ago, but till date this operation has not been done by the authorities.

The condition of the patients is unbearable
Lastly, corporate also alleged that, the ICU has been recognized by the Medical Council. Nowadays, patients are forced to undergo treatment in ICUs without AC in temperatures ranging from 35 to 41 degrees this summer. He has also alleged that, he is being made to feel poverty and helplessness by the ruling BJP.

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