February 29, 2024

Children are given education in different languages as well as extra curricular activities.

Under the National Urban Livelihood Mission of Government of India, 4 shelters are functioning in Surat City by SMC. A special library room has been prepared for the children of Bhestan so that the children who take shelter here are not deprived of education.

Although the name of this room is library room, but here children do tuition after coming from day care. Two teachers are serving them not only basic knowledge but also general knowledge.

Parents usually spend thousands of rupees for their children’s education apart from school and also for tuition classes, in which often the results of the children are not as expected.

Around 75 dependent children in the shelter home in Bhestan area are not only receiving day care education, but also receiving tuition classes after returning from there. Where they are given education in different languages as well as extra curricular activities.

Dependents living a wandering life never think about the education of their children. These children are also deprived of basic education. At that time the children living in this shelter are being given literacy skills.

For this, a commendable step of day care has been taken by Pandesara Police, where they are made to study. Apart from this, Pandesara Police is also doing the work of bringing and dropping children from shelter homes in vans.

Additionally, for this a library has been created in a special room in the shelter home. Not only this, the room has been painted and made in such a way that just by looking at it, children feel like studying. The wall and ceiling of the room have also been painted in an educational manner. This is where children receive education after coming from day care.

Lastly, police further said that, efforts are made here to give them basic knowledge and increase their confidence before going to school. Here a class environment is created in the library. Activities like coming to the board, writing, speaking and praying are done.

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